Fisheries Signs New Agreement with WWF

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WORLD Wide Fund (WWF)-Solomon Islands has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

The agreement emphasizes a shared commitment to sustainable fisheries management.

It also formalizes joint efforts between WWF and the Government to improve marine and coastal fisheries management and marine species protection.

“We are thankful to the Ministry and the Permanent Secretary as our collaboration provides a fantastic opportunity to scale up current efforts on community-based fisheries management,” said Shannon Seeto, Country Manager of WWF-Solomon Islands.

“With the support of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, WWF can build on the progress made in the Western Province, share the lessons we have learned, and explore applying similar efforts to other Provinces,” Seeto added.

During the signing ceremony, the Permanent Secretary for Fisheries acknowledged WWF’s partnership and commitment in the past years in supporting national fisheries programmes.

He also emphasized that the signing shows the continuous support and commitment that WWF has towards national fisheries management and development.

Examples of collaborative efforts are strengthening the capacity of the country’s systems, institutions, organizations and individuals involved in fisheries management and protection, such as with fisheries officers, through awareness raising, knowledge exchange and policy consultation.

These also include actions aimed at boosting community resilience, such as by supporting women’s financial inclusion and empowerment in communities.

“Working together, we can identify and mobilize resources to help find innovative solutions to issues that are challenging our community fisheries sector,” said Seeto.

In addition, WWF will support the Ministry in completing national and regional commitments such as the Solomon Islands Shark and Ray National Plan of Action (NPOA).

With over 33% of sharks and rays threatened with extinction globally, the Shark & Ray NPOA is an important step towards improving their protection and management in Solomon Islands waters and will contribute to the efforts of the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries & Food Security.

“I want to acknowledge WWF’s partnership and commitment in the past years in supporting national fisheries programmes.

“The signing of the MOU shows the commitment and continuous support that WWF has towards the national fisheries management and development in Solomon Islands,” Ramofafia said.

– Source: Ministry of Fisheries

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