Emerging West Kwaio Peanut Farmer

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RURAL peanut farmer, Alphonse Daisi of West Kwaio in the remote region of Malaita province has been fascinated with growing peanuts. Today, his rural farmland is filled with hundreds of plowed rows of peanuts.

Alphonse, a father of five children has been cultivating peanuts early this year. And he has been able to make sure his peanut farm continues to make quality yield to trade and provide income to support the livelihood of his family and children’s school fees from the production and trade of betel nut.

This year, he managed to harvest peanuts (four times) from his farm 20 – 50 kilogram per harvest. The peanut supply and sales were just for the market in Auki, Malaita provincial capital, and not Honiara.

The timely rains and rich soil throughout the South region of West Kwaio are favorable for peanut planting. Crops sown in the region have high demands due to the moistness and rich soil conditions.

Alphonse, a father of five children has been cultivating peanuts early this year. …Photo Credit Lesley Foinagwa.

“The cost of a single heap of peanut is $2-00. I am not a regular wage or salary earner. But peanut has provided me and my family the means to farm and sell peanuts to pay school fees from the earnings.

“For this year, I have made decent income from my peanut farm.

“My wife and his children are very supportive of me and my farm works,” Alphonse said.

He has acquired the legacy of farming from his family (mum and dad).

“I have been very keen about gardening since my childhood. Apart from growing peanuts, I also grow crops like pineapple, corn, and sweet potatoes as well.”

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