D&T Centre Vows to Make a Clean Honiara City

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DESIGN and Technology (D &T) Centre has been working on solutions to keep Honiara City and provincial capitals clean.

The business established a plastic recycling plant in East Honiara which collects plastic bottles and other general types of plastic materials to be recycled in efforts to address climate change, protect the environment and promote a healthy population.

Founder and Director of D&T Centre, Lindsay Teobasi said the Centre has been working in conjunction with the Honiara City Council and all stakeholders to address the overdue problem of uncontrolled plastic waste littering in Honiara city.

“The call by Honiara City Council (HCC) for a clean Honiara is a very important call for all citizens and especially Honiara City dwellers to corporate and work with the administration to address the issue,” he said.

Teobasi said that the uncontrolled littering of plastic wastes and pollution in the city and other provincial capitals contributes to the increasing effects of climate change and environmental problems.

He said Honiara will host the Pacific Games in 2023 and must develop a clean habit and attitude of cleanliness.

“Both players from around the Pacific and tourists coming into the country may enjoy a clean and healthy environment.

“We, the citizens of Honiara city will also feel proud about a clean city which we own and we take pride in,” he said.

D&T Centre has produced and placed plastic disposal cages at Woodford International school to encourage students to practice proper waste disposal which is later transported to the Centre at Henderson for recycling.

The construction of a plastic treatment facility is underway however, work has been halted due to financial constraints.

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