Development Agency to Host Training On Flour Processing and Cookery for Youths

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SOLOMON Islands Development Agency Co. Ltd will be hosting another training program on flour processing and cookery for youths in Honiara.

Founder of Solomon Islands Development Agency (SIDA) Joseph Poha told Environment Media that the 4-days training-workshop on flour processing and cookery will start on July 8, Friday.

“The four days’ workshop will involve a one-day theory lesson and 3 days of hands-on practical application where Participants will involve in the processing of their flour products then from their processed flour, they will be taught how to produce cakes, buns, and more,” he said.

Joseph said that the workshop program is specifically targeted toward building a generation of skilled men and women who will know to add value to their root crops and produces like the banana etc.

“We going through tough economic situations and times and this value-adding Program will help resolve current food security issues, and high unemployment rates and will give our people the income-generating opportunities.

“This workshop will clearly show the way forward for our people and how we can all work together to make the difference,” Poha said.

He said that since the Solomon Islands 44th independence falls this week, the workshop is a gift from SIDA to our young people for a better and more productive generation.

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