Crispin is ready to Help Her People in Makira Province

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Crispin Dora Fititei is one of the aspiring female candidates who intends to stand in the coming general election at the provincial level.

Crispin, from Makira province, intends to be a candidate in Ward 8, West Marika constituency where the impact of logging is a major issue.

“I see a huge need to change some of the gaps I see in social and health aspects especially for the vulnerable in the community – children, mothers and old people,” she said to explain her reasons for standing in the election.

Logging is the main issue that needs to be addressed in her ward, Crispin said.

“Logging has become one of the main activities that creates a great impact in the lives of the vulnerable ones in my community today. When there is more logging activity it brings destruction to water supplies and village gardens.”

“It’s causes great suffering to the vulnerable ones in my community,” she said.

“The social health of this group of people is very important.”

Local girls marrying foreigners was another problem caused by logging.

“Local village girls are being used as temporary wives of these foreigners while they work in the country. After some years when they leave, local girls are being left with their children.” Crispin said.

“I believe in working in partnership to build up the people in Makira to solve these issues.”

Crispin is a strong woman with a strong desire to help her community, is looking forward to campaigning and is determined to help her people solve the issues of foreigners bringing destruction to their lives.

She was among women leaders who participated in a women’s leadership workshop in Honiara earlier this year.

She was very happy to have been part of the workshop which helped her grasp the knowledge of regional women leaders who spoke in the program including, Helen Clark, the former New Zealand Prime Minister and former UNDP Administrator.

“During the four day workshop with all women leaders of Solomon Islands it really helped a lot to strategize constructively, especially about doing the ground work for my people, for example, getting connected deeply with my community,” Crispin said.

“I learned more about working in partnership with key power brokers in the community.”

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