Community Clean-up Campaign Day for Jericho 2

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ONE the major issues faced by the community outside urban area is littering of wastes. This is true for residents that live in settlements communities.

And with no proper waste management plans in place the community has created a high risk environment to its own people in regards to personal hygienic within family, high risk in common diseases such as malaria.

Early this year, the community received a small environmental grant from Globalgreen Grant Fund from the State. The purpose of the grant was to address waste management in the community. As a settlement community outside of urban city of Honiara the Jericho 2 community took an initiative to form an association to mitigate the issue.

The community have decided to put a day aside for this cause. On Saturdays, the children, women, men and youths spent two to three hours to clean up the community main road, drains and residents. The children are responsible for collecting tins, bottles and cans and put them together in a bag and they brought the bags to the nearest Honiara Town Council (HCC) waste bin.

Mr. Steven Bunabo, highlighted the need to have regular cleanup activities in the community as it will contribute to the betterment of living stand and health of Jericho 2 residents.

A good number of women, youths and children turn for the activity. The children in particular were very inspiring and engaging with the community activities. The management committee of Jericho 2 community hopes to build a strong and healthy community within Honiara settlement and be a model for other communities in the city.

Vice Chairman of the committee Mr Timothy Filaua highlighted that through this activity, it will boosts the morale of working together and unity in our community.

After all, the community members applaud the management committee for taking the initiative to create opportunities for community. This activity has changed the face of our community thus changing the mindset of people for that matter.

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