Coconut Farmers Receive Plantation Tools from their Provincial Member

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MORE than ten coconut farmers in the West Kwaio region of Malaita province have earlier this year received tools from their Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) for Ward 28, Hon. Clodio Teifi.

The plantation tools consist of wheelbarrows, spates, axes, hoes, and bush knives.

Hon. Clodio Teifi, who is also the Provincial Minister of Agriculture and Livestock said the donation of tools to the farmers is based on the vision of the Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) Government to help rural farmers in building the economy of Malaita Province.

The assistance is described by the rural populace as a first of its kind to have taken place in ward 28.

Hon. Clodio Teifi said that he is humble indeed to support all coconut farmers within ward 28 with the tools.

“With these tools, it will boost the morale of farmers to engage more into coconut farming while it will help to improve the livelihood of each farmer and most importantly the economy of the province,” he told the farmers.

He encouraged all coconut farmers in ward 28 to continue planting more coconut as the province prepares for self-autonomy.

He said the MARA government will continue to support those who are interested to plant coconut.

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