Choiseul Province: New Footbridge for Koloe Village

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A new footbridge construction is underway at Koloe Village, Northeast Choiseul Province, purposely to have easier access between the two sides of the village that is divided by a stream.

The expected footbridge according to the Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) for Katario Ward 13 Hon Ronald Zakele is funded under the ‘Ward Grant’ costing $110,000.00.

It is understood that the footbridge is part of Mr. Zakele’s Ward development plans that are expected to be completed by next month in June.

“The footbridge Construction is continuing at the moment and is almost complete. Maybe around June, the people of Koloe should enjoy walking along a new footbridge over the stream dividing our two sides of the village,” said Zakele.

“For so many years since our ancestors have come to dwell at the seaside area, there has not been a footbridge to go across this stream. But for now, as it will be historical, we should be lucky with having a new footbridge completed by June.

“The footbridge is funded by ‘Ward Grant’.”

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