Challenges of Metal Roofing and Rust in West Are’are Coastal Communities

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COASTAL rural communities in the West Are’are region of Malaita province have over the years faced the major challenges of maintaining their homes and buildings due to rust issues, particularly with metal roofing.

Metal roofing is popular in coastal areas due to its durability and weather resistance, but it can corrode due to saltwater and humidity.

The National Government’s Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has over the years significantly transformed rural communities through housing schemes, enhancing livelihoods and living standards. However, despite the constituents of West Are’are constituency’s continued appreciation for their MP’s support for the housing scheme, they are also calling on the government to supply them with anti-rust roofing materials for their coastal communities.

Photo credit @ John Houanihau

A concerned rural resident of West Are’are Constituency, Mrs. Elizabeth Poisoisi, told ENVIRONMENT MEDIA that the roofing materials provided under the constituency’s housing scheme have rusted just two years after the construction of their houses.

“Most of the roofing materials supplied to constituents in their constituency are now rusting, and it’s a sad scenario,” she said.

Metal roofing in coastal communities faces challenges due to saltwater corrosivity and humidity, but with proper materials, maintenance, and protective measures, rural homeowners can enjoy long-term benefits.

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