Central Province Takes Delivery of New Tractor

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PROVINCIAL Headquarter of Central Province (CP) Tulagi waste management efforts have been boosted with the delivery of a brand-new tractor and supplements.

Tulagi Township was without a waste management logistics since its inception as a province which has affected the community’s solid waste disposal and environment. The only vehicle was the provincial 2-tonne pick-up truck.

This new tractor paid using the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) allocation for CP will reinforce efforts of the CP Local Council on waste management ensuring a clean town. Waste disposal sites have already been identified.

The total cost of the tractor with a 100% exemption is $237,000.00 inclusive of the tractor vehicle, trailer, mower, and spare parts.

Speaking on behalf of the Premier and Provincial Administration, Provincial Secretary (PS) Alan Siale acknowledge the National Government through the Ministry of Provincial Government – Provincial Government Strengthening Program (PGSP) and its associated funding for the procurement of the waste tractor. They thank George Wu Automotive being the supplier of machine and acknowledge the 100% exemption granted by Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and Customs & Exercise for the tractor.

“The use of the tractor is for the public on environmental clean-up purposes. “It has been a long-standing aim of the CP to procure the tractor but given that lot of projects were competing for the meager resources, the decision was deferred until now,” CP Provincial Secretary said.

“The recent development came as a result of the continued good performance of the province in PCDF assessment, where the CP led the nine provinces for two consecutive years with increased funding,” the PS added.

Premier Stanley Manetiva also registered his acknowledgment to Members of Parliament for Gella, Savo and Russells Islands for their efforts in supporting PCDF efforts at the Cabinet-level and in Parliament.

Permanent Secretary Ministry of Provincial Government Stanley Pirione urges the Central Provincial Government to take good care and put into the proper use of the machine for rubbish collection and disposal on the island station.

The province continues a cordial working relationship with its MP’s in an effort to develop the province.

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