Biosecurity to Cut Down Infested Coconut Trees

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BIOSECURITY Solomon Islands of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has advice households and businesses in and around Honiara that over the next few weeks a team will be going around to cut down dead and dying coconut palms.

The team will also be removing dead and rotting coconut logs lying on the ground and removing or destroying potential breeding sites (rotting plant materials).

This work is necessary to try to reduce the population of the coconut rhinoceros beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros, which has been damaging and killing palms in Honiara for the past four years. The beetle has begun to spread to other islands and it is hoped that reducing the population in Honiara will slow down this spread.

The teams are authorized by Regulations under the Biosecurity Act 2013 and the Honiara City Council.

It is expected that everyone will wish to support this work. Biosecurity Solomon Islands, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the palm industry and other agencies ask everyone to give the team free access to their land and help in every way possible.

All dead and rotting coconut palms will be destroyed or taken away. Please help Bio-security Solomon Islands and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to save our coconuts, our livelihood and economy.

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