Bad Weather Linked to Tropical Cyclone Fili

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THE weather condition currently experienced countrywide is associated with an active trough located south of the Solomon Islands and is linked to Tropical cyclone Fili close to New Caledonia.

The Solomon Islands Meteorological Service (SIMS) says, the active trough located south of the Solomon Islands that links to Tropical Cyclone Fili near New Caledonia will continue to enhance bad weather conditions for most our Provinces. The SIMS says the current bad weather condition will continue for the next few days and therefore will keep monitoring the situation and issue appropriate weather information to the public.

Meanwhile the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has already issued WHAT TO DO INFORMATION to the public given widespread flooding’s experienced in most parts of the country in the last two days.

The NDMO urges people to listen and take heed of these simple but very important information as it will help reduce the impacts of flooding on properties and save lives.

SIMS and NDMO of the Ministry Environment, Climate Change Disaster management and Meteorology will continue to work together to monitor the situation and update the public on current weather situations and WHAT TO INFORMATION.

The public is encouraged to call toll free number 933 (SIMS) for weather updates and 955(NDMO) to report any happenings that might put lives and properties at risk.


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