Auki Market Vendors Association to Host Inaugural Recycling and Waste Management Training

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The Auki Market Vendor Association is looking forward to hosting its first 2022 Recycling workshop based on Waste Management for Auki communities at the end of this month in Auki town.

Auki Market Vendor Association Project Coordinator, Joel Reverly said the workshop to be carried out for Auki communities have been disturbed by the recent Lockdown due to the corona current situation in the country.

“The AMVA was about to host our recycling workshop based on waste management earlier this month but was disturbed by the corona situation in the country and was postponed and to be held on the 29th of March,” He said.

He said the workshop aims to empower communities with knowledge of recycling to simply reduce waste in Auki Township.

Activities planned for the workshop are sewing and recycling waste Solaris bags turning them into reusable shopping and market bag, recycling waste plastics into hammocks and getting the chance to hear from other stakeholders.

Strap bag made from Islands sun Calrose rice bag. PHOTO SUPPLIED

AMVA Project Coordinator said that six communities around Auki were ready and excited to participate in the workshop but unfortunately couldn’t due to the situation.

“These six communities are Ambu, Kokomu, Ngalisagore, Fasitoro, Sikitae and Lilisiana. These communities will also benefit from this project by gaining waste management (recycling) knowledge & information sharing.  Also, recycled products can also generate income in the future. Eg. Recycled shopping bags / Hammock made from plastic waste,” he said.

Ngalisagore community waste management awareness and clean up campaign. PHOTO SUPPLIED

The workshop will be facilitated by one skilful and experienced individual, Milton Maelikini.

“Mr Maelikini is from the Kilusakwalo village in Malaita and has made and showed samples of his products to AMVA and that is why we are taking him in to facilitate this workshop.”

Also during the workshop, different stakeholders will be sharing very important information’s to the communities. These stakeholders include the Environmental Health and Waste Management Office of Malaita provincial government, the Health promotion Division of Kiluufi hospital and Auki town Council.

The project is funded by the South Pacific Community (SPC) through the Pacific People Advancing Change programme (PPAC). The PPAC programme aims to build advocacy capacity among civil society organisations engaged in human rights issues and is funded by the Government of Sweden.

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