Agriculture Officers Participates in Roviana Festival Activities

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THE Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL), Western Province Extension Office have participated in the province’s second appointed day celebration and the Roviana Lagoon Festival activities, last week.

Chief Field Officer of MAL, Western Province Extension office, Sipuru Rove said the event provided an opportunity for agriculture officers in the province to promote activities of the Ministry and at the same time disseminate important information regarding services that MAL is offering to the general public/citizens.

“The Ministry of Agriculture is participating in these events promoting the services they provide to the general public. Stalls were erected and manned by MAL staff to disseminate vital information to the public.

“The highlight of MAL’s participation is the visit of the Honourable Minister of the Ministry (MAL) Senley Levi Filualea,” Mr. Rove said.

Mr. Rove said Hon. Filualea visited his officers and briefed them with plans that the ministry is embarking on to resuscitate/revive the agriculture sector.

“The Hon. Minister stressed that Agriculture is really a backbone of our country especially during this period of anxiety that our country face.

“The Covid-19 is seen as a blessing to our country as this is actually the turning point of the government to realize that agriculture should be the leading government ministry that should be prioritize as far as economy, livelihood and food security are concern. With these, the minister also highlights that government propose plan is to revive agriculture sub-station on each constituency of the nine province in Solomon Islands so that agriculture information dissemination is effective and have impact to rural people,” Mr. Rove quoted Hon. Minister Filualea.

Mr. Rove said officers also used the opportunity and discussed challenges and barriers that they often faced in the province with Hon. Minister Filualea, some of which are logistics challenges, housing, Office buildings and storage shed and office Equipment’s and tools.

A sum of $2000 was donated by Hon. Filualea to support the officer’s activities during the event.

The Western Province 37th second appointed day was celebrated at Noro the province’s Industrial Township and featured along with the opening of the Roviana Lagoon Festival in Munda on Monday 7th December 2020.

Roviana Lagoon Festival is the cultural festival of the people of Roviana Lagoon. People from all over Roviana Lagoon gather in Munda for this event of festivity and celebration. All villages parade in show and style with floats both on water and land. A lot of cultural and water based activities including competitions aiming at upholding cultural norms and values were displayed by participants through organized activities both in land and sea.

The aim of the Roviana lagoon festival is to increase awareness of the culture of Roviana, promote tourism, whilst raise funds for charity that works towards the preservation and growth of the area and encourages community participation from residence, organizations and businesses.

Major companies that operates in the province like Sol-Tuna, NFD, Telekom, Origin Gas and Solomon Airline, participated during the lagoon festival.

Press Release – Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

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