Acting PM encourages Innovation in Maritime Development

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ACTING Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure Development Hon. Manasseh Maelanga last night encouraged delegates to the 45th Pacific Maritime Alliance Conference to embrace innovation and technology to enhance their services to the region.

Speaking at a welcome ceremony in Honiara last night, Maelanga said innovation and technology are necessary to foster cooperation, create efficiency in maritime development and sustainable use of sea resources.

Maelanga highlighted that the evolving demands of international trade require Ports to adapt and take actions on employing state of the art systems and processes to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

He further encouraged Ports to use eco- friendly and renewable energy resources to control the impact of Ports’ activities on environment- a move towards greener and more sustainable future.

The Acting Prime Minister also highlighted the importance increased cooperation between Pacific Island Countries to combat illicit activities, maintaining the safety of seafarers’, and ensuring the waters are safe for trading.

He encouraged conference participants to respect and learn from each other’s experiences and collaborate to face the challenges ahead.

“By doing so, we can strengthen the Pacific Maritime Alliance, fostering an environment of trust, collaboration, and shared prosperity,” Honorable Maelanga said.

Maelanga conveyed his gratitude to Solomon Ports for hosting the conference, adding that this is the time to work together to harness maritime transport for the benefit of Pacific Island Countries and the generations to come.

Source: GCU Press

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