We Will Continue, Says Chinese Ambassador to SI

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AS the largest city of Solomon Islands, Honiara is also the hub of the Chinese community and it has the closest and traditional relations with China, according to the Chinese Ambassador to the Solomon Islands His Excellency Li Ming.

The Chinese ambassador made the statement when delivering his keynote speech during the handover of three new garbage trucks and 200 garbage bins to the Honiara City Council over the weekend.

“Every day I feel excited about this vibrant city, the development, and its potentials. Honiara residents and citizens are very friendly and they welcome China, Chinese embassy deep from their heart,’’ he said.

He said that almost 80% of Chinese citizens, companies, Chinese Solomon Islanders lived in Honiara, making important contributions to the city, to the country, and the China-Solomon Islands relationship in the areas of trade, export, and investment.

“My colleague knows very well the beautiful Honiara, beautiful SI as the Hapi Isles, so every day we are lucky to enjoy the beautiful scenario, song, beach, and the fresh air and most importantly the hospitality of Honiara People.

“As I said it’s a good start, we will continue. In the past one year since I arrived and in the past two years since our diplomatic relationships, we have achieved a lot, that’s only two years, short time but the relationship between China and SI,’’ said Li Ming.

“For example, the stadium project which is located in the city that is the support of China to the Pacific Games in 2023 hosted by the Solomon Islands that will become a national symbol, pride of the country, city – it is now progressing well under construction.

“It will bring more vitality to the city’s economy, country’s economy and it will benefit the people as a sporting venue in the country especially it will benefit the young people in Honiara, and other provinces, I’m sure,’’ assured His Excellency, Li Ming.

He said the second example is the Sinopharm vaccines china provided to support SI, where vaccinations have been going on very well and warmly received making our lives not only better but safer. 

“China also provided other medical supplies to SI, which include medical supplies, masks, testing kits from Jiangmen city to Honiara City as of last year. We are very happy that we can help SI to keep the virus away, out of the border. 

“The third example is in terms of trade. And China is the largest trading partner of SI. We benefit from each other from most of the business that happened in Honiara. Even longer, long ago before we established a diplomatic relationship. 

He added that now China has reached an agreement with the SIG for the 97 products of export from SI to China-tariff free which will provide more opportunity for China-SI cooperation.

“Our friendship is like a boat it only sails on the ocean at the beginning. We have a long way to go,’’ Li Ming emphasized.

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