Solomon Islands Owes Seafarers a Debt of Gratitude

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SOLOMON Islands Deputy Prime Minister Bradly Tovosia declared the annual Day of the Seafarer celebration at the Marine School in Honiara a significant occasion to acknowledge the significant contributions of seafarers.

Deputy Prime Minister Bradly Tovosia stressed the significance of the Day of the Seafarers in recognizing and valuing the contributions of seafarers around the globe and country.

“It is my great honor to address you today on this special occasion, the International Day of Seafarers. We come together to celebrate and recognize the vital role that seafarers play in global trade, the world economy, and our everyday lives.

“This day gives us a chance to acknowledge and attribute seafarers around the world. We must never forget the role they play and the sacrifices they make. Our seafaring tradition is a source of national pride and a testament to resilience and adaptability. Let us also support the organizations that assist seafarers and their families. By learning more about their lives and putting them into business, we can better appreciate the vital role they play,’’ Hon. Tovosia highlighted in his key note address at the event.

He stated that the Solomon Islands are a nation of many islands and have a deep connection to the world.

“Seafaring is not just a job for us; it is a tradition in the way of life passed down through our generations. As it is navigated, those waters would need much skill and knowledge today to continue our legacy from our contributions to increase investment in maritime trade.

“June 25th was established by a resolution in 2010 in Manila to honor the important sector of seafarers, and the Solomon Islands Government is also part of the revised standards of training and certification for the seafarer’s convention, the source of commitment to maintaining the high standard in maritime operations,’’ noted the Deputy Prime Minister.

He said that the International Day of Seafarers has been recognized by the United Nations.

“This allows us to appreciate the dedication and hard work of seafarers, who often make significant investments in global trade. This year’s theme is Our Seafaring Future. It is the focus of making the maritime sector safe with the courage of seafarers to share the message and sacrifices at sea or the training they have received,’’ said Hon. Tovosia.

He stressed that this campaign aims to highlight and promote safety measures and to show that every seafarer can be served with their families.

“Our commitment to safety and education is amplified by the Solomon Islands maritime college. Today, as part of the International Day of Seafarers program, SIMC students will demonstrate the training activities, showcasing the importance of safety at sea. Very important one.

“We believe that through rigorous training and discipline, all seafarers can meet the highest standards of commercial and safety. As we celebrate this day, we remember the words of intentional maritime orientation of IMO Secretary General Peter Glim, who said, without seafarers, there will be no ship.

“In the Solomon Islands, the sea transport that connects our islands and the role of seafarers are even more crucial. They are the lifeline that connects our communities, facilitates trade, and fosters cultural exchange. I salute you all; your dedication and work are the battle of global trade and our economy. On this note, I wish all the seafarers a happy International Seafarers Day. May God bless all seafarers, and may God bless the Solomon Islands from shore to shore,’’ Hon. Tovosia said.

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