Solomon Islands National University Meet on the Newly Proposed Bachelor Program

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THE Solomon Islands National University’s Programme Advisory Committee has recently convened a consultation meeting to discuss a newly proposed Bachelor of Science in Forestry programme that will train students in managing the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of forestry resources.

It was held on the 28 April of this year at the Kukum Campus, Solomon Islands National University (SINU).

The first amendment and consultation meeting comprised of representatives from key stakeholders including various government ministries and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and the heads of SINU’s Faculty of Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries.

The attendees of the consultation have managed to make evaluations before submitting them to the SINU’s Senate for approval. However, they have also contributed constructively and made key recommendations and amendments on the units outlined under the proposed Bachelor of Science in Forestry programme.

SINU’s Acting Dean and Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) Chairperson, Ms. Lovelyn Otoiasi told Environment media that the newly proposed Bachelor of Science in Forestry is a three-year degree program.

She said the National University has five faculties, and the Faculty of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries is one among the existing five, and as a University, we intend to develop its bachelor programmes.

The proposed Bachelor of Science in Forestry program in the country will have 21 units and it’s scheduled for introduction in the first semester of next year (2022) under the School of Natural Resources and Applied Science.

Lovelyn said that the program should have been introduced the first semester of this year but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other major challenges.

“The University must strive to be competitive by taking course reviews and developing new and high-award courses within its faculties.

“The school is obligated to offer courses and programs at the Bachelor and Post-Grad levels that will create the pathway for students who have undergone certificates and diplomas to get the higher awards,” she said.

According to the qualification of the curriculum office, they will make a final evaluation and approval to the structures of the program, and also recommend specialized people to deal with special areas under the Bachelor of Science in Forestry programme.

The key facilitators of the one-day consultation and dialogue meeting include the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Forestry and Research, Dr. Vaeno Vigulu, Douglas Yee, and Dr. Richard Pauku.

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