Renbel Kava Farmers Receives Tools

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KAVA project recipients in Renbel Province has expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL).

This was after MAL through its Agriculture Extension Division in Renbel delivered essential farming tools to three farmer groups last month (May) under its Sustainable Economic Growth and Export Strengthening (SEGES) programme.

Recipients of the tools are; GOTO Farmers Association kava expansion project group; FJ kava expansion family project and Renkav kava new planting family project.

Other two recipients that earlier received their projects are; BLN Kava expansion family project and Vaikava food bulking family project. A total of five projects is funded by MAL for Renbel Province.

In a small but significant ceremony to hand over the tools to the recipient groups at Tigoa station, Provincial Premier Willie Tuhagenga on behalf of his executive expressed gratitude to the ministry (MAL) through Renbel Agriculture Division for its continuous commitment and support towards farmers within the province.

“On behalf of my executive, we are indeed so excited to witness this handing over of kava project tools to the successful farmers and group. Thank you MAL provincial Agriculture division for the effort spent in supporting our farmers within the province and especially recognizing the farmer’s interest in this undertaking (kava farming).”

Premier Tuhagenga said he looks forward for many more similar agriculture assistance from the ministry through its extension division for other agriculture enterprises in the future for Renbel farmers.

One of the project recipients, Jimmy Festus of Hatagua village, West Rennell also registered his appreciation.

“I am so thankful for MAL and the Renbel agriculture extension division for the assistance by supporting us with these farming needs through our projects. I have been longing for such assistance like this for quite a long time but today it has proven by the responsible ministry for its commitment in supporting agriculture growth and livelihoods which I want to thank MAL for it. Now I have the necessary farming tools that will help me and my family improve and expand our current kava farming plot to achieve our aims,” Mr. Festus expressed.

Chairperson for GOTO farmers Association group, Mr Damien Peseika, also expressed his gratitude on behalf of his group.

“I’ am so thankful for MAL for this great help rendered to our group for supporting us with the farming tools.

“This is a long-time issue for our group to have our own farming tools and I hope these tools will help in improving the efficacy of our farming task more productively in building our livelihood,” Mr. Peseika said.

Meanwhile, MAL Extension Officer in Renbel, Florence Kwai on behalf of MAL acknowledged the sentiments shared and happy to see the assistance brought smiles on the recipient’s faces.

“The ministry recognized your efforts and is pleased to assist. This assistance came as a result of your hard work and having trust in kava farming. I hope this tools will give you the confidence and faith to start and continue expanding and improving your farming tasks. Indeed, you are contributing much in the development of kava to increase its production within our province.”

Ms. Kwai urged the farmers to use the tools with care and look after them well and at the same time challenged them to work harder and show to others that they can do it. “Be the key model kava farmers for Renbel province. Together we can make a change within our rural farming communities for better living.”

She then thanked MAL for its continuous assistance towards Renbel agriculture Extension Division.

Tools delivered under the projects included; wheel barrows, garden hoes, bush knives, garden forks, axes, square spades, poly bags and shade clothes.

Source: MAL Media

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