MP Temahua Calls for Improve Water Access in West New Georgia and Vona Vona

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MEMBER of Parliament for West New Georgia and Vona Vona constituency, Hon. George Temahua, has called on the Government for National Unity and Transformation to step in and resolve the continuous issue of inadequate water supply in his constituency in Western Province.

During the recent sine die motion in Parliament, Hon. George Temahua expressed that one of the major problems facing the growing population of Noro and Munda townships in West New Georgia and Vona Vona constituency is inadequate and poor access to quality water supply.

Hon. Temahua stressed that his constituency, despite being host to four of the country’s major economic projects—Soltuna, National Fisheries Development, the Noro International Seaport, and the Munda International Airport—continues to face the challenge of inadequate and reliable access to safe drinking water, an issue that has persisted since the 1980s.

He added that such a critical, long-standing issue continues to hinder overall development and progress in the constituency and urgently requires the government’s attention and action.

He affirmed to the parliament that he’s prepared to work with the government to address this issue.

“Growing up in this area, I clearly remember the last time I had access to a dependable water supply system was in 1985.

“During my formative years at Goldie College Secondary School, since then, the water supply has deteriorated, broken down, and remained unattended to this day.

“Noro Township is also facing a similar problem, particularly critical needs for a reliable water source to supply tuna production at Soltuna as well as Noro International Seaport.

“The lack of dependable water resources not only affects the daily lives of Noro residents but also affects the operational efficiency and productivity of Soltuna and the International Seaport, two of our key industries.

“Addressing this water supply problem is essential for both the people’s wellbeing and the economic life of this area,” he told the parliament.

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