International Rangers Federation Awards SI Rangers Association Full Membership

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ON 27th July 2021 Solomon Islands Ranger Association (SIRA) was awarded full membership of the International Rangers Federation (IRF).

The not-for-profit organisation was established to raise awareness and professionally support the critical work that Rangers do in conserving the world’s natural and cultural heritage. 

Solomon Islands Ranger Association is proud to join the IRF family of Rangers. Connecting its members to a network of front-line conservation staff around the world, sharing knowledge, ideas, experiences and resources, and providing mutual support to allow Solomon Islands Rangers to have a voice in the international conservation debate.

On receiving the IRF Membership Certificate, on 27th July 2021 from the IRF Executive Officer,General Secretary Mr. Edward Huitarau said “Accepting SIRA as a full member of the IRF is a reflection of SIRA’s commitment to Solomon Islands resource owners and the duty of care, training and support to improve the working environment of our Rangers.  This allows us to serve our communities better” he said.

President Mr. Albert Kwatelae commented, “Recognition of SIRA by the IRF is acknowledgment of the credibility of the organisation’s services and its development aspirations.”

He added, “As an umbrella body, SIRA is mandated to improve resources and capacity within its network in the Solomon Islands.”

SIRA upon receiving the certificate, also thank Queensland Rangers Association (QRA) who have also played an important role in the SIRA’s formation and development since 2014.

“SIRA therefore thank QRA and Ms. Jolene Nelson for the great partnership,” SI Rangers Association acknowledges QRA.

SIRA was formed in August 2014 following a meeting of Solomon Islands community conservation representatives, local organisation members and government officers in Honiara.

In November 2014, two conservation representatives were sponsored to attend the IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia, a landmark global forum on protected areas.

The Congress shares knowledge and innovation, setting the agenda for protected areas conservation for the decade to come.

During this event, the IRF President proposed the formal development of Solomon Islands Rangers Association to allow Solomon Islands to be formally registered as Oceania’s first Rangers Association outside of Australia.

Solomon Islands Ranger Association (SIRA) Press Release

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