Choiseul Province Welcomes Electrification of Supizae Island

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CHOISEUL Province greatly welcomes the project to connect electric power lines from Taro toSupizae Island.

This was according to the Deputy Provincial Secretary, Nelson Tanito who stated that the project will greatly benefit the working population residing at Supizae.

The project which was tendered by Solomon Power was won by Teo Electrical Company – the company was tasked specifically to erect post lines and run the low voltage (LV) lines through the residences.

Tanito said the province is very supportive of this project and looking forward to it being completed this year.

“We are hoping if all goes well for the project to be completed very soon this year so that residences on the Island can access electricity which will then can improve the livelihood and for the working population – improved work performance.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Teo Electricity Company workers are currently hard at work to erect electric poles and connect the LV lines.

According to the company’s Director and Supervisor, Aquila Kiroto Karani, they are currently doing feasibility studies and erecting the poles.

“We are working ahead of the proposed timeline schedule despite the many challenges,” he said.

Aquila however admitted that the task required of them is quite difficult as there is no existing infrastructure like roads to transport the poll around the island to designated locations to erect the electric poles.

“We use creativity to transport the large wooden poles – we create a bed with floaters, put the polls on the beddings and our boys swim with the polls to the locations chosen to erect the poles.

“It’s no easy task to transport 106 large wooden poles but I’m confident that we will overcome the challenges and complete the tasks on schedule,” Teo Company Director and Supervisor said.

Aquila said 25 boys from Honiara, some of whom have technical experts with regards to the project have been engaged to complete the task.

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